Laundry service in Paris

Good reasons to choose Laverie Privée

Laverie Privée provides a laundry service that collects and delivers at home all over Paris! Just as you are used to ordering your groceries or ordering your meals, to save time and, let's face it, get rid of the chore, Laverie Privée is the best solution to relieve you from laundry duty! 

Place your order in a few clicks, pick your options, enter your address and your availabilities, there' s nothing more to do, your laundry is collected, washed, dried, folded and delivered, in 24 hours or less! 

Why choose us?

A non-exhaustive list of good reasons to choose Laverie Privée to have your laundry done!

The best value for money.

Thanks to our high quality professional machines and the setting up of our qualitative processes, we currently have one of the best quality/price ratios on the market in terms of laundry services. Our deliveries are done by using bicycles and are thus not affected by variations of fuel prices! There is no risk that an increase in fuel prices will have an impact on our delivery costs. 

Laverie Privée, an alternative to laundromats, dry cleaners and industrial laundry!

Local economic development

Laverie Privée has chosen to work with local partners and has set up a pricing policy that values the work of everyone. Furthermore, all our deliverers are employees!

By placing an order with Laverie Privée, you contribute to its short distribution circuit system: because a service that is as close to the client as possible is a pledge of quality. 

One of the fastest services

By default, we process our orders (collection, washing, drying, folding and delivery) within 24 hours, with no extra fees!

However, we can also provide an express delivery service for our customers that are in a hury! The return could be done within 7h.

An eco-friendly service

Laverie Privée has designed its service in an ecological approch. We are commited to respect the environment by favoring reusable bags, by proposing eco-friendly detergents, and by using soft mobility, without greenhouse gas emissions. 

A great availability

In order to meet the needs of those who work late or have a busy schedule, our customer service is available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.

Need to cancel or modify your order? Need information or enquiries? We are flexible! You can contact us by phone or by mail, we make sure to answer you within the 24h following your request. 

Plus, ordering online allows you to place your order anytime of the day!

High quality machines

All of our washing and drying machines have been selected to ensure an optimal washing and drying quality

We have opted for reference brands of equipment in the professional laundry sector and we maintain our equipment regularly and carefully.

A service oh so simple!

Thanks to its website, you can order in a few seconds. Placing an order is even easier if you register your delivery information. Pricing per kilo allows you to have a better idea of the cost of your order. 

This service has been designed to make your life easier, no more waiting at the laundry, no need to worry about sheets taking up space and no more loud and annoying noise from the machine!

In addition, if you have difficulty logging into our digital platform, you can place an order by phone if you wish.

A reliable service

In addition of being a digital platform, Laverie Privée has its propre own shop in the center of Paris! Our years of experience allowed us to optimize our treatment processes and to ensure our customers a quality service that meets their needs.

We choose our partners carefuly.

The payment is done online via a secured platform meeting the most stringent compliance standards.

A real custom-made service

Each order is treated individually and you can entirely customize your order : washing temperature, detergent, ...

We can provide quotes tailored to the needs of our professional customers, ensuring a quality service at the best prices available on the market!

We provide you an individualized laundry service and we do everything possible to meet your expectations!


Not convinced yet? The best way for you to make an opinion on our service is to test it! 

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