An alternative to laundromats, dry cleaners and industrial laundry

Our story

Back to 2015, Mat and his father, Regis, realized an undeniable fact : even though people have to go to the laundromat, that this chore is part of Parisian's daily lives, it's not very pleasant. Willing to assure wellness to their customers, they wanted to make their life easier and offer them the sole pleasure of having fresh clothes, without any downside. Their goal was clear then : offer a different, and way cooler, way to do laundry.

This is how the first strenght of Laverie Privée saw light : a custom-made service that takes care of its users. Our customer just need to let Mathieu take care of their laundry, to get it back properly and carefully washed, dried and folded, whenever they want. They could get rid of the fear of any risk of loss, stealing, ... or even worse : the long and boring waiting time at the laundromat.

In 2017, Etienne, for his part, was aiming to solve this same issue. He takes notice of the amount of time and energy needed for laundry chore. Aiming to make it more confortable and simple, he designed another innovative concept : a digitalised laundry service, that collects and delivers at home. C’est la seconde force de Laverie Privée.

En 2019, Etienne, Mathieu et Régis se rencontrent : d’échanges en échanges et au gré des discussions, l’idée et l’envie de fusionner leurs projets naissent et prennent de l’ampleur. In 2020, they join forces and build a common project : this is how Laverie Privée was created!

En 2022, pour répondre aux demandes à Bordeaux Laverieprivee se développe sous le nom Comptoir de la laverie !

What we stand

A proximity service,

Far from the loneliness individuals may experience at the laundromat, and far from the impersonal services provided by industrial laundries, we are committed to use a short circuit system for distributing. Being as close as possible to our clients assures us to provide direct service and build genuine relationships.

quality guaranteed,

Thanks to high quality professional machines and well-established processes, we personally take care of the quality of the washing and drying of the laundry, which we fold carefully by hand. The quality of a service also depends on its promptness : this is why we provide a service available within 24h, even less for those wo are in a hurry!


We strive to adapt our service to the greater and greater ecological issues, regarding the future of our resources, and our impact on the environment. As much as our small scale allows us, we commit ourselves by using sustainable mobility and by supporting prodution and use of eco-friendly detergents.

and oh so simple!

No need to go out anymore, to get on with the chore, to burden your back by hanging your bed sheets or waiting so long for your laundry to be dried so that you can clean up your flat. Laverie Privée gets the chore to basics: 2 clicks on the website, delegate the job, and let it go! A trustworthy and so easier way to do your laundry!

Our concept

Individuals? Buying a washing machine nowadays remains an expensive purchase, and it requires a minimum of space and adaptations for its setup. In most cases, it is also better to couple it with a drying machine in order to respect the rules regarding the prohibitions of hanging laundry out. The other solution is to go to a laundromat. But even though this service is cheaper, it remains a time consuming activity.

Professionals? Having professional laundry washed requires to use the services of providers. But it is still difficult to find offers that meet our needs while remaining efficient, flexible and that doesn't commit you to long term subscription!

Tourists? Your time is valuable and should not be used for washing your laundry when you should enjoy your stay! How uneasy could it be to find a service that is simple, trustworthy, non-binding, and english friendly! 

What if a local start-up could help you to get rid of the chore? This is the concept of Laverie Privée! Just a few clicks to place an order on our website, enter an adress for collection, and let us take care of everything. Get your laundry back freshly washed, dried and folded, within 24h or less!

A few figures


years to serve you

Already more than

kilometers traveled

Already more than

Kilos of laundry washed

Doing your laundry isn't a chore anymore!

Laverie Privée is first and foremost a quality service, guaranteed by professional machines, a perfoming website and a team ready to help. 

Enjoy a complete and custom made service. Our deliverers come directly to your home or workplace to pick up your laundry, and they get it back to you freshly washed, dried and folded. Get it back within 24h, or benefit from an express service to get it on the same day! Our service is available 7 days a week, from 9 a.m to 9 p.m, and we deliver all over Paris.

Laverie Privée, a laundry that delivers.. for real!

Our clients testify

"The team is competent and friendly. The laundry is treated with care and delivered quickly all over Paris. It's practical, convenient and efficient, in short, quality at a reasonable price, with extra advising!"
Audrey K.
Laverie Privée's user
"Great service, laundry is extremely well folded, it smells good: what more can you ask for? Well yes, in addition the delivery man is smiling and friendly and the customer service very responsive !!!! I recommend +++"
delivery service
R. Services
Business owner
"Beyond superb. My laundry was returned to my hotel much earlier than I expected, well-cleaned, and at a very fair price. Friendly and professional service. Exactly as promised: my kids and I enjoyed Paris, not a laundromat!"
Jeff B.


Meet us directly at our shop, contact us by phone at +33 1 76 34 12 24, by email at contact@laverieprivee.com and follow us on social medias!