Pricing policy

Pricing per kilo for fairer prices

A custom made laundry offer

Between laundromat and dry cleaning services, Laverie Privée makes your life easier by handling your laundry chores as it provides a full offer, from collection to return , but also a simple fee structure. tarification simple

Thanks to our pricing per kilo system, there is no need to count your items: all you have to do in order to estimate the cost of your order, is to weigh them all at once. Not only this saves you time, but it also relieves you from any risk of error in your accounts. In order to ensure the viability of our activity, we ask for a 6kg minimum billed order: this equals a week's worth of laundry, or a shopping bag of laundry.

We double-check the weight once the laundry is clean and dry, so that theres no risk of inaccurate figures. Also, if you don't have a scale at home, you can easily estimate the weight of your laundry by using our online calculator. Or just ask our customer service for advice! 

How much does it cost?

Our washing offers (per kilo)

Classic Offer
Your laundry is washed and folded. It's up to you to fold it properly.
Premium Offer


Your laundry is washed, dried, smoothed, sorted and folded. All you have to do is to store it in your closet!

No extra charge for delivery.

Our duvet offers (per piece)

As not all quilts weigh the same, we decide to offer a per piece pricing. This is more advantageous for you and simplifies the billing process.

Simple duvet


Double Duvet


This offer is valid for a double duvet OR a simple duvet + 1 pillow

Double duvet + 2 pillows


No extra charge for delivery.

Our custom made offers for professionals

As a professional, you may have a specific need, or you may have large amounts of laundry to wash. 

Laverie Privée adapts its professional laundry offer by proposing services at the most competitive rates possible. 

You'll get an answer within 24!


Enjoy an easy and customized service

passer commande

STEP 1: 

Enter the weight of your order on our online platform. If you don't know how much your laundry weighs, use our online weight calculator!

pick up collecte


Entrust us with the laundry you wish to have washed. Once it's clean and dry, we will weigh it againg to make sure the weight is correct. If not, don't worry! We will send you a payment link corresponding to the difference, free of charge.

linge plié


And that's it! We will return your order to you at the place and time you have chosen!

A personalized pricing system

For washing, drying and folding laundry services, we offer a pricing per kilo.
For options, it's "à la carte"!

The advantages of a pricing per kilo

We have chosen to charge laundry by the kilo for the following advantages: it saves you time. To place an order, our customers do not have to count each item one after the other. Simply put everything in a laundry bag or box and weigh it all. Of course, our team can also take care of the weighing if you lack the time or the adequate equipment.

Another advantage? It's as simple as that: if the weight is unchanged, a bag loaded with 50 small items will be priced the same as a bag loaded with 10 large items. Whether you add a pair of socks or a pair of underpants at the last minute, the weight does not change and therefore neither does the price. At Laverie Privée, there is no question of charging a customer just because he or she has added a pair of socks!

Customize your order with our options!

If we reserve each machine cycle for a single customer, it's also because he can customize it endlessly!
One or several machines ( 'clothes washed separately' 3€ option ), use of a anti-discoloration wipe (0,90€), you can also choose your detergent or add: softener (0,50€).

In connection with our commitments to respect our environmentwe offer a free eco-friendly alternative when selecting your detergent. We fight against waste by suppressing plastic wrappings for return, we pack your orders whether in the bags you provided, or in recycled paper cardboxes (0,50€). 

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