Let us take care of your laundry, get it back freshly washed within 24h!

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Premium Offer

(Washing + Drying + Sorting + Folding + Delivery)


for 6 kg of laundry, then 5€ per additional kg

Save your time by enjoying this custom-made offer!
Your laundry is picked up at the address of your choice, you get it delivered back washed, dried, sorted, smoothed and folded. All you have to do is to store it in your closet!
Your laundry is put back on the right side, sorted, your socks are laid flat.


Our duvet offers

Did you know? Regularly washed duvet and pillows improve the quality of your sleep!
With Laverie Privée, it's very simple, we come directly to your address, we collect your order and we deliver it back within 24h, even within the day!

(1 place)


Washing + Drying + Delivery

Let us take care of your simple duvet. We pick it up directly at your home and we deliver it back to you, freshly washed and dried.

(2 places)


Washing + Drying + Folding + Delivery

Let us take care of your double duvet. We pick it up directly at your home and we deliver it back to you, freshly washed, dried and folded
This offer is also available for a simple duvet + 1 pillow.



(Washing + Drying + Delivery)

Let us take care of your double duvet and its two pillows. We pick it up directly at your home and we deliver it back to you, freshly washed, dried and folded

What type of laundry do we wash?

Whether you are an individual or institutional client, we take care of any type of laundry that can be washed in a machine: clothes, underwear, sheets, towels, pillows,duvets, etc. If you do not know if your laundry is washable in a machine, please refer to its washing label. You can also ask our customer service for advice.

What washing temperature and detergent do we use?

You can choose among several washing temperatures. You can select the temperature by customizing your order online. If you are unsure about the temperature to choose, you can refer to the wasing labels or you can ask us for advice! You can choose to do several machines in order to adapt the washing temperature to each type of laundry you have to wash (bed sheets at 90°, delicates at 30° for instance).

Plus! Our offers are proposed to you in the respect of the environment!

In order to reduce plastic wrapping, your orders are returned within the bag they have been collected in, or within a new reusable bag.
And to limit our carbon footprint, we make our deliveries using soft mobility, with electrically assisted cargo bikes. 

How does Laverie Privée work?

Laverie Privée is a laundry service that collects and delivers your laundry at your home, we collect it directly at the address of your choice, we wash, dry, fold and deliver it back to you.

In order to meet everyone's needs, we propose several offers with different prices. We adapt our services to our customers, individuals or professionals. We make sure to provide an accessible service by proposing competitive rates. Also, delivery is fully free of charge!

To make it easier for you and propose a fairer pricing, we have chosen to propose to you a pricing per kilo. The price varies according to the weight of the laundry you wish to have washed, and not by the piece. For more information, please refer to our pricing policy.

Si vous souhaitez profiter d’un service de laverie à Bordeaux, rendez-vous sur comtoirdelalaverie.com !

Are you a professional, business owner ? Contact us and get a custom quote.