Our precautions and safety measures [COVID19]

Doing laundry supposes to comply with strict sanitary standards that we apply on a daily basis. Given the current pandemic, we have reinforced these protection and safety measures in order to avoid any risk of COVID19 contamination. Find out more about our sanitary precautions.


Health precautions during pick-up and drop-off

  • We systematically wear a protective mask.
  • During the delivery we stand far enough away from your door to keep a safety distance.
  • In order to avoid any contact, all payments are made online. You don't have to pay anything during delivery.

Health precautions when processing orders

  • We process each order separately within high quality professional machines. Our customers' orders are not washed together.
  • We clean up our machines between each orders
  • We disinfect laundry at every wash.
  • We take care of your laundry with protection gloves and we systematically wear a mask.
  • We make sure to clean properly our workspace between each orders
  • Our machines are not accessible for self-service but only by our staff.

Do you have any question or enquiry? Contact us at +33 1 76 34 12 24 or directly by filling our contact form.

Some additional details

This is a non-exhaustive list of the sanitary precautions we take. Indeed, we adapt our processes according to the information that we have, especially concerning the covid19.

Concerning the protective masks, we use fabric masks that we wash and disinfect at 60 degrees. For the safety distances during collection and delivery, we ensure to keep a distance of a minimum of 1 meter and 3 meters when possible. Payments are made online in a secured way using StripeAll of our machines are high quality professional machines which we constantly clean and disinfect. They are not accessible in self-service, which means that the general public does not have access to them. This guarantees us a total control on the use of our machines, especially concerning hygienic rules.