Instructions for a good wash

Mandatory rules :

Rule #1 : Do not put clothes in a load of laundry if there are not suitable for washing machine.

Rule #2 : Make sure to empty all of your pockets.

Rule #3 : For a better washing and drying, unfold correctly your clothes and do not roll up your socks together.

What we strongly advise :

Rule #4: To prevent your jeans from fading, turn them inside out.

Rule #5 : In order to avoid risks of fading and discoloration, do not mix up colors, prefer several machines and select the right wash temperature.

Rule #6: To limit the risks of degradation and shrinkage, do not mix textiles and prefer several machines.

For a better organization :

Rule #7 : When you make reservation, the earlier the better (at least 24h before collection) if you want to be sure to find an available time slot.

Rule #8 : During pick-up/drop-off, stay reachable by text or phonecall.

If you have any doubts or questions about how an option works or how it could be useful, feel free to ask us.

Please note that you are responsible for the laundry you entrust to us. It is therefore your duty to sort it as indicated above and to respect the labels. Laverie Privée is not responsible for any potential degradation due to washing or drying in machine.

For a good was and if you wish to pass an order, you can go to our booking platform.