An eco-friendly laundry service

Our commitments for planet protection


We use eco-friendly detergents

In order to propose you detergents that respect the environment, we have decided to use phosphonate-free, GMO-free and dye-free detergents. The ecological detergents we use are made from plant-based raw materials. 

En passant commande sur Laverie Privée, vous pourrez faire laver votre linge tout en in the respect of the environment.

We favor soft mobility

In order to reduce delivery distances and carbon emissions, we have chosen not to outsource our service to factories located far from Paris, but rather to process the entirety of our orders in the center of Paris. In addition, when possible, we make our deliveries using soft modes of transport: bicycle, scooter, car or electric scooter... 

livraison linge
carton écologique

We use recyclable packaging

Many laundry companies return your laundry within plastic wrapping.
With Laverie Privée, in order to reduce waste production, we do not use plastic packaging. We propose to return your laundry to you: either in a clean disposable bag that you would have given us beforehand, or within 100% recyclable ecological cardboard. This way, your folded laundry does not unfold during the trip and the use of plastic is limited.

We work with eco-responsible collaborators

In addition to provide an eco-friendly service, chez Laverie Privée, nous avons pris la décision de modifier notre organisation en interne. Nous n’imprimons que par nécessité, nous privilégions les transports en commun à la voiture et nous utilisons des machines professionnelles modernes pour limiter la surconsommation d’eau. Par ailleurs, nous avons fait le choix de ne travailler qu’avec des eco-responsible collaborators.

buanderie interieur

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